Bury Dissatisfaction

HappySunIf you’re like most people, you spend (waste?) a considerable amount of time each day wishing that things were better than they are. I’m guilty of this too. This ‘disparity’ approach to life is certainly not fulfilling, nor is it helpful.

I once read a book by a person who said she gives herself half an hour each morning to grouch and complain and then after that she only allows herself to have uplifting thoughts.

Wow! What would the world be like if we all did that?!

As I was contemplating this, I realized that there are so many things that everybody can enjoy regardless of financial status, age, religion or race. Basically, if you’re human, you can improve your state of mind by doing these things:

1. Enjoy Free Things

  • Refreshing Drink of Water
  • Deep Belly Breath of Oxygen
  • Reading
  • Playing Games
  • Community
  • Resting
  • Hugging, holding and kissing
  • Nature
  • Listening to Music
  • The Library and other publicly funded FREE places
  • Sunshine, Clouds and Sky
  • The Moon and Stars
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Hiking, biking and other forms of movement
  • A Cuppa Coffee or Tea
  • Your Local Geography
  • Time with Pets and Animals

2. Appreciate What You Already Have

  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Family and/or friends
  • A Job or source of Income or Support
  • Electricity, Gas and Plumbing

3. Dream

Longing for things from a perspective of lack generates negative energy. However, appreciating what you do have and then dreaming about what you might like can be much more positive and attract those things to you. Also, don’t get attached to what you ‘want’…often the Universe has a much better plan (I know, I’ve experienced this countless times!). Hold loosely to your desires and be open for any and all good things that will come into your life!

Can you think of things to add to these lists?

Take time to bury dissatisfaction with gratitude every day and you’ll discover how to live in true peace, joy and abundance ❤