My name is Michelle. I’m a child of God! I’m also a mom, a daughter, a life coach and a credentialed mediator.

I live an extraordinary life. I manage a family of six exclusively on my own…and I stay sane. I thrive. Every day I discover new ways to help myself, my family and the communities in my life thrive. How do I do it? How can I help you manage a challenging life?

Follow this blog to find out.

You’ll notice that although my writings are faith-based, I don’t quote chapter and verse. I’m not into apologetics anymore. At some point faith becomes ‘knowing’. It’s no longer an ego thing, but a soul thing for me and I simply don’t feel like I have to defend my perspective. If you like it, that’s great! If you don’t, that’s great too!  I love hearing other people’s perspectives. We’re all in this together and we don’t always have to agree. We just need to love.

May you be blessed to be a blessing!




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