Follow Principles, Not Methods

godAre you hard on yourself? Do you do any of the following:

  • Set higher standards for yourself than others
  • Feel like you never do enough
  • Always initiate communication in relationships
  • Feel guilty or bad even when you’ve done more than you ever should have

Many of us aren’t gentle with ourselves because we didn’t grow up with a role model to show us how. There’s a palpable shift in our culture today towards selfcare that most of our parents were never taught in childhood. In a sense, we’re the lucky ones.

It’s becoming more and more recognised that in order to be healthy, whole people who can care for others and contribute meaningfully to society, we need to walk in acceptance of ourselves…bumps and warts and everything. We can spend so much time not liking where we are in life, who we are or what we are doing that we can literally waste our lives away waiting for ‘someday’ rather than loving life ‘now’.

I’m speaking from experience here. In the past I’ve clung to a ‘pie in the sky fantasy’ of being so financially set that I have no money worries. I’ve striven for that goal only to find myself worn out and unhappy with life in the present. Then, all the sudden one day I realised that my life is really good just the way it is. I understood that the only thing God requires of me is a willing heart; one that is in alignment with the Divine. It’s fine to have goals, but it’s also important to be content with where I’m at. Many people struggle to get this balance worked out.

The key to walking in alignment with Holy Guidance is to understand where it is that you’re going. It’s not your job to know how this will unfold. Plans are good. Don’t get me wrong. Here’s the thing about plans: they get changed.

Hold loosely to your plans and be open to revising them over and over again. Let go of needing to figure it all out and coming up with the methods. Holy Spirit will show you the method if you keep yourself open to being lead.  You’ll know when the inspiration comes; there’s something so right and so different about the way Divine revelation feels.

All things work together for good for those who love God. You are called according to Divine purpose. Allow the God of the Universe to have supreme oversight in your life. Everything will be ok.



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