Cling to the past. Cling to your ideas. Cling to your wounds.

Clinging is no way to live. It suffocates us the way plastic wrap keeps the air out of leftovers so they don’t go bad as quickly. We’ve all done it; forgot that we put leftovers in the fridge. Sometimes we even find a plate of them that we didn’t know was in there!

Is your life a plate of leftovers from yesterday’s perceptions and last year’s hurts? Maybe you forgot you had these or you conveniently pushed them to the back of the fridge so you wouldn’t be reminded? The challenge with leftovers is that the longer they sit, the harder they can be to clean off the plate. They cling. They also get really disgusting.

What’s clinging to your plate? Is it bad habits or old belief systems that have comforted you into settling for less than your potential? Maybe it’s your excuses or the lies somebody told you that somehow became your truth? All cling-ons are made from the same fundamental particle: fear.

Fear pervades the global collective consciousness. It’s what lubricates economies, drives religion, gives momentum to governments, propels legal systems and it is the foundation for our approach to mental health. It’s no wonder we all have plates of leftovers in our minds; the very fabric of our communities and upbringings have been premised on fear.

What’s the answer? Here’s what I know. You can’t cure a problem on the same level of consciousness that created it (thanks, Einstein). In other words, if you are looking to the systems that perpetuate fear to provide you with a solution for it, you will continue eating nothing but putrid old leftovers.

Breaking into freedom from fear is about taking the way you do life to the next level. It’s the point where you start taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts, perceptions, reactions and responses. It’s the place where you engage a spiritual practice that takes you to a different level of consciousness than the one that created fear. You know what I mean.

How do you clean the leftovers off your plate?



4 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Beautiful write up. Nothing can go wrong with God.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really love this analogy, M! Binding, suffocating, putrifying stuff, this old bag of wounds. I like to take deep droughts of fresh air, get quiet, let God. Thanks for showing us the way 😀


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