My Yoke Is Easy, My Burden Is Light

sleepy-puppiesI can’t help it – this Jesus quote just keeps playing over and over in my mind lately. Perhaps it’s a persistent message from Holy Spirit calling me to shift how I do life. It could also be the yearning of my soul for some R & R from what I perceive as the busy life of a single parent of 4 and caregiver to my ailing, disabled father. In any case, I find myself wondering what the heck this phrase means for my life, right now.


When Jesus shared this tidbit he was comparing his way of doing life to the Pharisee’s oppressive perspective, which required following over 600 laws. Well, I’m not a Pharisee, but I’m pretty sure I’ve created 600 laws for myself…at least. Some are artifacts of a controlling, religious upbringing and many I’ve unwittingly created throughout my adult life.

Take for instance the law that I must always be busy or I’m not a good person. Yup – that’s gotta be one of my favorites! After all, I have a to-do list that could keep me busy for the next 15 years and still not be done. Another good one is the one where I have to be a perfect parent or my kids will turn out to be useless bums. And oh yeah, what about the one where I have to eat organic, non-gmo foods or I’ll get cancer and die?


If you look closely you’ll see that all laws are driven by a common theme: FEAR.  Fear that people will die. Fear that people will get hurt. Fear that people can’t tune into the Holy Spirit’s guidance without someone else’s ego helping them out first. Fear, fear, fear. And don’t forget guilt.

The funny thing about fear is that I’m pretty sure I was taught that God is Love and that in Love there is no fear. So, where is all this fear coming from? It definitely can’t be from God. It seems to me that living the life Jesus prescribed with the easy yolk and all is fundamentally about living a FEARLESS life!


This year I will live a life of love and walk in FEARLESS abandon of laws and mindsets that have trapped me and held me back. How? Don’t know. That’s for God to figure out and Holy Spirit to show me. The yoke is supposed to be easy and the burden is light. It doesn’t matter what your lot in life is. This is a universal truth that applies to everyone. What does it look like for you?

May you be blessed to be a blessing!


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